List of RRP Certified Vetted Contractors

Are you looking for a Lead Safe Worker to help make your property lead safe? The Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition has created a list of vetted professionals that have been trained to support you through the Lead Safe Certification process.


A Renovation, Repair, & Painting (RRP) certified lead safe worker, ‘DIY’ landlords with RRP certification, or a lead abatement contractor can complete lead remediation work. A lead abatement contractor maintains a higher level of certification, but all of their services are not required for lead safe remediation. Remember to ask for proof of certification when asking for a contractor.

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Last Updated
Name Company Email Phone EPA Firm Certification # Abatement Contractor
Alycia Cook Lead Safe Environmental LLC (216) 501-9783 NAT-F221271-1 Exp. 1/25/26 N/A
Ebenezer Scott Jr. EB's Housing Preservation Services, LLC (216) 673-3042 NAT-F1158882 Exp. 12/17/25 N/A
Carla Moody* Moody Environmental (216) 799-1000 LC007991 Exp. 1/25/24 Yes Exp. 11/10/24
Darryl Ballard* First Naz Contracting, LLC (216) 645-5043 NAT-F217543-1 Exp. 9/02/25 N/A
Nicholas Moore* Lead Safe USA (216) 288-7443 LC008404 Exp. 6/09/24 Yes Exp. 6/02/24
DeAngelo Gainer Dee, Inc (216) 255-1422 NAT-F211208-1 Exp. 12/23/24 Yes Exp. 10/13/24
Robert Walz New Comfort Htg & Air, LLC (216) 226-2292 NAT-F124626-2 Exp. 7/25/24 N/A
Mike Milano* MCM Home Services (216) 210-5998 NAT-30445-3 Exp. 4/30/25 N/A
**Pasquate Caporossi Green Home Solutions, LLC (216) 459-8800 NAT-84625-3 Exp. 10/28/25 Yes Exp. 6/29/25
Lyle Plummer Lead Locked Renovations, LLC (216) 526-0468 NAT-F223352-1 Exp. 3/25/26 N/A
Victoria Mullins TNTConstruction CHRISM@TNTCLEVELAND.COM (216) 450-9163 NAT-F199640-1 Exp. 3/19/24 N/A
Donny Jones JF Construction and Environmental, LLC (216) 466-1997 LC12258 Yes Exp. 1/18/26
Angela Taylor A&S Environmental Experts LLC (216)203-8372 NAT-F235952-1 Exp. 5/12/27 N/A
Theyesa Bryant Bryant Environmental Services (216) 322-0567 NAT-F228288-1 Exp. 9/01/26 N/A
Lolita Augenstein* Branches Testing and Environmental Consulting Services (614) 636-1588 NAT-F229853-1 Exp. 10/22/26 Yes Exp. 10/22/24
Leonard Branhan* Integrated Environmental Solutions (470) 248-5854 NAT-F225676-1 Exp. 5/27/26 N/A
Melissa Cyphert Rahmah Services (216) 205-5302 NAT-F217117-1 Exp. 8/19/25 N/A
Jeremia Thomas Unified Insulation Systems, LLC (330) 773-2511 NAT-49302-3 Exp. 6/26/25 N/A
Ebony Hall E.H. Painter, LLC (440) 661-2308 NAT-F215729-1 Exp. 4/21/2027 N/A
John Croxton Croxton Technology (216) 777-0900 NAT-F240534-1 Exp. 9/27/27 Yes Exp. 3/1/24
Elias Maroun Quest Construction & Home Remodeling (216) 351-6461 NAT-F247020-1 Exp. 3/29/28 N/A
Brandon Goggans Bees On The GO LLC (440) 665-9859 NAT-F228068-1 Exp. 8/20/26 N/A
Nikana Heard A&L Solution Group LLC (216) 801-7837 NAT-F226940-1 Exp. 7/13/23 Yes Exp. 12/22/24
Mansukh Hirani Sigma Dwelling Systems, Inc. (440) 937-5334 NAT-36716-3 Exp. 9/1/28 N/A
Joe Keane Glass Block Headquarters (216) 941-5470 NAT-F243011-1 Exp. 12/15/27 N/A
Mykel Farr BestByFarr Inc. (414) 350-9211 NAT-F251135-1 Exp. 7/10/2028 No
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Disclaimer: This list is only intended as a simple reference, not as a legal document or agreement between any parties that use this list to solicit contract work or as a legal document or agreement between any parties listed herein. Please note that this list is not intended to be all inclusive of contractors available to do lead remediation and related work. These are contractors that have gone through our vetted process and who have obtained federal certification. The estimated costs referenced in the website may not be reflected by some contractors, or changes in market prices for remediation work. Anyone using this list to engage the work of a contractor acknowledges that neither the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition nor any affiliated parties will maintain builder’s risk or other property insurance to cover the Work, and any contractor that is in use shall be responsible for all damage and loss to the Work or the Property caused by Contractor’s performance of the Work or any loss or damage to the Work caused by events or occurrences typically covered by such builder’s risk or property insurance policies. Any person that uses the LSRC RRP Certified Vetted Contractor List in any way waives the right to hold Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition and their Affiliates, and their directors, officers and employees, whether in contract or tort (including negligence and strict liability) liable for any and all damages incurred.