Lead Safe Resource Center

Our community's one-stop-shop for lead poisoning prevention
We provide Lead Safe Certification navigation, community outreach and organizing, resident and landlord education, and lead safe workforce training.

The Lead Safe Resource Center is the operational headquarters of our community’s lead poisoning prevention efforts.

To elevate lead safety in Cleveland, the Lead Safe Resource Center aims to:

  • Activate community bodies in the process of engaging systems and structures for changes towards lead safety. 
  • Navigate community members to appropriate resources and teams to directly address lead safe measures and mitigation.  
  • Disseminate information to community members on lead safe activities and engagement in the city.
  • Educate community members on the effects and importance of understanding lead from various perspectives.
  • Integrate community landlords and tenants in the process of policy interaction with associated funding.
  • Remediate community homes exposed to lead in compliance with lead safe certification policy. 

Visit the Lead Safe Resource Center

Monday through Friday 8 AM - 5 PM 
Occasionally open Saturday and Evenings - Visit Events & Trainings

Call our Hotline at 833.601.5323.

Hours subject to change based on COVID-19 related safety precautions

Get to Know the Team!

Community Action Team

Fred Ward

Program Supervisor, Community Action Team

Evelyn Velez

Intake Specialist

Mandale Duncan

Outreach Specialist - West

Jackie Morris

Outreach Specialist - East

Walter Melton

Outreach Specialist - East

Walter Patton

Outreach Specialist- South

Carlos Elliot

Outreach Coordinator

Environmental Health Watch Team

Kimberly Foreman

Executive Director & Administrator

Chantal Tademy

Lead Safe Resource Center Program Director

Akbar Tyler

Director of Healthy Homes & Training  

Landlord Tenant Engagement

Tracie Washington

Program Supervisor, Landlord Tenant Engagement

Ashley Dunn

Intake Specialist

Community Education Team

Sheila Calloway

Education Specialist 

Wyndi Moore

Education Specialist 

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