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Beginning March 31, 2021, the City of Cleveland is requiring all residential rental units built before 1978 to receive a Lead Safe Certification.  

What does it mean to be lead safe?

Lead safe is a proactive approach. It means making sure homes don’t pose a lead risk before a child could be poisoned. A home is lead safe when lead risks – known as lead hazards - have been controlled so that the concentration of leaded dust remains below the threshold set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This means a lead safe home is no longer hazardous but may still contain lead. 

In order to combat lead poisoning, the City of Cleveland has required residential rental units built before 1978 to get a Lead Safe Certification. To obtain a Lead Safe Certification, rental property owners must pass a Lead Clearance conducted by an independent, certified lead safe worker. 

What does this mean for rental property owners?

  • Starting in March 31, 2021, rental property owners with units built before 1978 must obtain a Lead Safe Certification. 
  • In order to receive the Certification, the unit must be lead safe - lead hazards must be remediated within the home.
  • Financial assistance is available to help property owners obtain their Lead Safe Certification. Learn More
  • How and when do I obtain my Lead Safe Certification? 
    The Lead Safe Certification will be rolled out in phases, beginning in March 31, 2021. There is a quarterly schedule, according to the zip code, listing by when a property owner is required to obtain their Lead Safe Certification. 

    Any rental property owner can follow 6 simple steps to obtain their Lead Safe Certification. Learn More

What does this mean for other property owners?

If you’re an owner of a pre-1978 home, the Coalition strongly encourages you to follow the same Lead Clearance process and ensure your home is lead safe. 

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