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About the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition Committees

The Coalition has four working committees and six Ad Hoc committees. A brief description of each Committee and how they all work together is listed below. Alternatively, you can view the visual breakdown of the Coalition’s Committees here:

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Looking for a way to help create a lead safe Cleveland? Join one of the Coalition’s working Committees where people like you are lending their voices. If you are interested in joining a committee, email and specify the committee(s) of interest.  
The Committee meetings are open to everyone. Learn more about each one below.

Research & Evaluation

Chair, Case Western Reserve University 
The Research and Evaluation Committee is responsible for measuring the Coalition’s success, establishing a baseline to measure change, track the lead certification progress and create and maintain a public dashboard for data.

The Research & Evaluation Committee works with the City of Cleveland’s Lead Safe Advisory Board:

  • City of Cleveland Lead Safe Advisory Board
    The Lead Safe Advisory Board provides recommendations for improvements to the City's lead safe policies and procedures,reports quarterly on the progress and status of the certification efforts, and completes an impact analysis of the lead safe certification program.

Resource Development

Chair, The George Gund Foundation 
The Resource Development Committee provides ongoing support to the Lead Safe Home Fund Administrators, including development, distribution and review of resources.


Chair, Enterprise Community Partners 
The Policy Committee identifies and advocates for comprehensive local, state, and federal lead safe policies, including legislative, administrative, and implementation changes.

The Policy Committee has two Ad Hoc Committees and works with the City of Cleveland’s Lead Screening and Testing Commission & Lead Safe Housing Action Board:

  • Lead Safe Child Care Settings (Ad Hoc Committee)
    Chair, Starting Point 
    The Lead Safe Child Care Settings Committee identifies and implements appropriate system and/or policy changes to improve lead safety in child care setting.
  • Educational Interventions and Lead (Ad Hoc Committee)
    Chair, Legal Aid Society & Cleveland Metropolitan School District 

    The Educational Interventions and Lead Committee helps Cleveland schools systematically identify children with histories of EBL, screen for delays and provide appropriate support to students.
  • City of Cleveland Lead Screening and Testing Commission
    Chair, Cleveland Department of Public Health
    The City of Cleveland Lead Screening and Testing Commission establishes best practices for efficient and effective coordination of screening and testing services for families that are at risk or that have been exposed to lead hazards.
  • City of Cleveland Lead Safe Housing Action Board
    Chair, Cleveland Department of Community Development
    The Lead Safe Housing Action Board works to support families who must relocate as a result of a lead hazard control order, lead safe maintenance or lead poisoning

Community Engagement

Chair, Environmental Health Watch 
The Community Engagement Committee elevates resident voices and lived experience, and hosts outreach and education classes in the community.

The Community Engagement Committee works with two Ad Hoc Committees: 

  • Special Events (Ad Hoc Committee)
    Chair, United Way of Greater Cleveland
    The Special Events Committee convenes Cleveland’s diverse community and organizes & plans events around lead poisoning prevention.
  • Workforce Development (Ad Hoc Committee)
    Chair, Urban League of Greater Cleveland
    The Workforce Development Committee engages community stakeholders to correctly build and maintain the lead safe workforce, advise the Resource Center on workforce development, serve as a referral network and feedback loop and help to develop criteria and monitor entry into the community-based workforce program.

Steering Committee

The Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition’s Steering Committee is made up of committee chairs, directly-impacted individuals, civic leaders, at-large members, and City of Cleveland representatives.
The Steering Committee oversees the affairs of the Coalition and supports the Coalition’s mission and purpose in the following ways: 

  • Help to ensure that the Coalition is viable as it pursues its mission, purpose, and guiding principles
  • Provide strategic guidance to Coalition staff and working committee chairs and help to ensure goals are met
  • Serve as representative voices of the Coalition
  • Select the Lead Safe Home Fund administrator(s) and monitor the operation of the Lead Safe Home Loans and Grants, Lead Safe Resource Center, and Lead Safe Child Care Programming

Executive Committee 

Chairs of Working Committees, Fiscal Agents of the Lead Safe Home Fund, and Steering Committee members
The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Steering Committee when such action cannot be delayed until the next Steering Committee meeting, monitors financial workings of the Lead Safe Home Fund, and advises Coalition staff on annual task orders for Lead Safe Home Fund Administrators. 


Chair, Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation
The Governance Committee supports the Steering Committee and helps to manage the Coalition’s policies and procedures.

Steering Committee

*indicates Executive Committee Members

Vickie Johnson *

Chief Community Officer, Cleveland Clinic

Mitchell Balk *

President, Mt. Sinai Health Foundation

Gabriella Celeste

Policy Director, Schubert Center for Child Studies at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), and Co-chair of the Ohio Lead-Free Kids Coalition

Colleen Cotter

Executive Director, Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

Ayonna Blue Donald *

Vice President and Ohio Market Leader, Enterprise Community Partners

Marcia Egbert *

Program Director, The George Gund Foundation

Rob Fischer *

Co-Director, Center on Urban Poverty & Community Development, CWRU

Kim Foreman *

Chief Executive Officer, Environmental Health Watch

Blaine Griffin

Council President, Cleveland City Council

Karen Dettmer

Manager of Lead Initiatives, City of Cleveland

Sonia Monroy Matis

Community Member

Sharon Sobol Jordan *

President and CEO, United Way of Greater Cleveland

Jennifer Robock

Director of Grant Operations, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation

Taneisha Head *

Ohio Organizing Collaborative

Randell McShepard

Vice President-Public Affairs & Chief Talent Officer RPM International Inc.

Mike Valerino

Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS

Fred Ward

Founder and Executive Director, The Khnemu Foundation

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